Kosherotics is a webpage bridging the knowledge gap between the most recent iteration of the Seductive Jewess website – liquidated by a (((mysterious power))) on 6/26/20* – and its eventual rebirth on a unique, dedicated free speech server. Herewith, to tune your Jewdar in the meantime, several hundred seductive Jewesses of all types – ashkenazic, gradually shading into cryptic, then some sephards and mizrahics – selected from TSJ files, most featuring the (((racial rack))) as well as other ethnic vectors both physical and expressive, and each duly awarded the traditional Tribal middle name in recognition of their genetic Jewishness:

*7/31/20: equally mysterious, has now reappeared, but behind a locked door. Here are the keys:

lotta data there that’s not here, but also some here that’s not there.

  1. Joyce Sarah Mandelkorn, alias “Joyce Mandel”, “Joyce Gibson” etc.

Mandelkorn, Joyce Sarah - Jewess, initial 3x, alias 'Joyce Gibson'

Mandelkorn, Joyce Sarah - Jewess, alias 'Joyce Gibson' (2)

Mandelkorn, Joyce Sarah - Jewess 02, alias 'Joyce Gibson'

Mandelkorn, Joyce Sarah - Jewess 05, alias 'Joyce Gibson'

Mandelkorn, Joyce 11

Mandelkorn, Joyce Sarah - Jewess, addit20, alias 'Joyce Gibson'

Mandelkorn, Joyce Sarah - Jewess 09

Mandelkorn, Joyce Sarah - Jewess ns20, alias 'Joyce Gibson'

Mandelkorn, Joyce Sarah - Jewess 08, alias 'Joyce Gibson'

Mandelkorn, Joyce Sarah - Jewess 01, alias 'Joyce Gibson'

Mandelkorn, Joyce Sarah - Jewess txt1

Mandelkorn, Joyce Sarah - Jewess, ns-17, alias 'Joyce Gibson'

congruent with the peculiarly intense sexuality of the Jews, breast development among Jewish girls often begins at a very young age and continues well into the 30’s and 40’s. Here, engaging in some pre-emptive self-mocking laughter, a now fully mature Joyce Sarah shamelessly displays the racial rack, a remarkable pair of heavy, pendulous Jewtits.

2. Naomi Sarah Averbykh, alias “Rose Avery”

Averbykh, Naomi Sarah - Jewess, alias 'Rosa Avery'

Averbykh, Naomi Sarah - Jewess 05, alias 'Rose Avery'

Averbykh, Naomi Sarah - Jewess 2x

Averbykh, Naomi Sarah - Jewess 3x

Averbykh, Naomi Sarah - Jewess, ns1, alias 'Rose Avery'

Averbykh, Naomi Sarah - Jewess 04, alias 'Rose Avery'

Averbykh, Naomi Sarah - Jewess, ns44, alias 'Rose Avery'...tweaking her nipples

Averbykh, Naomi Sarah - txt

3. Ellen Sarah Michaels, a.k.a. Ellen Gruber

Michaels, Ellen Sarah - Jewess, ns56

Michaels, Ellen Sarah - Jewess, brief bioMichaels, Ellen Sarah - Jewess, 01

Michaels, Ellen Sarah - Jewess, 26

Michaels, Ellen Sarah - Jewess ns22e

Michaels, Ellen Sarah - Jewess, 09

Michaels, Ellen Sarah - Jewess, txt ns2

4a. Miryam Sarah Blitzer

Blitzer, Miryam Sarah - Jewess, ID

Blitzer, Miryam Sarah - Jewess, txt ns2

4b. Karen Sarah Melamid

Melamid, Karen Sarah - Jewess, w Verscheuer txt

5. Jamie Sarah Hammer

6. Natalya Sarah Opalsky, alias “Nika Movenka”

Opalsky, Natalya Sarah - Jewess ns1q, alias 'Nika Movenka'

Opalsky, Natalya Sarah - Jewess ns1w, alias 'Nika Movenka'

Opalsky, Natalya Sarah - Jewess ns3d, alias 'Nika Movenka'

Opalsky, Natalya Sarah - Jewess ns3f, alias 'Nika Movenka'

wolf-lips + big tits = Jewess. Every. Single. Time.

7. Oxana Sarah Chaiker, a.k.a. Aksana Shyker

8. Shoshanna Sarah Meir, alias “Sexy Sabra

9. Janicka Sarah Drucker, alias “Jana Defi”, “Maria Swan” etc.

wolf-lips + big tits = Jewess.

Drucker, Janicka Sarah - Jewess, ns105a, alias 'Jana Defi' etc.

Drucker, Janicka Sarah - Jew ID2

above, note Jewish merchant hand position; see also Leardini, Christina Sarah, below, for an even more obvious hand (((signal))).

born in Prague, 1984, and now retired from porn-modeling, this remarkably big-breasted Jewess dominated net’rotica for several years. Various rumors circulated about her ancestry; in fact, as is evident from the face (nose, lips) and tits, Janicka Sarah is of Tribal lineage (Austrian Jew + Czech Jewess) on both sides. And, occasional assertions otherwise, the rack is natural. Via genetic selection over many generations, the Jews produce an unusual number of oversexed, buxom-seductive females; likely as a genetic survival mechanism through a long series of (self-made) hostile environments.

10. Veronika Sarah Dubinsky

Dubinsky, Veronika Sarah - Jewess, 01

Veronika Sarah, a Jewess with sharply-etched khazar facial features, seen here in a still from the 1970’s Old Testament porn epic, Sodom and Gomorrah. Produced & directed by the (Jewish) Mitchell brothers. One of whom later murdered the other. As in: Cain and Abel. The vicious meathook wielded by this naked Jewess thus seems an appropriate commentary on the violent, collective sadism of her ancient Tribe.

Dubinsky, Veronika Sarah - Jewess, txt

11. Nina Sarah Kletzki

Kletzki, Nina Sarah - Jewess, txt ns2

12. Shay Sarah Mitchell

Mitchell, Shay Sarah - Jewess, ns12

Mitchell, Shay Sarah - Jewess, ns5

Mitchell, Shay Sarah - Jewess txt ns2

13. Kay Sarah Lassowitz

Lassowitz, Kay Sarah - Jewess ns1

14. Trish Sarah Garelik

Garelik, Trish Sarah - Jewess, txt ns2

15. Liana Sarah Mogul

left hand finger position: echt Jewish, like the rest of her.

16a. Ilana Sarah Issacsohn, alias “Ilana Mercer”

Issacson-Mercer, Ilana Sarah - Jewess ns77

16b. Marilyn Sarah Belitsky

17. Brianna Sarah Stone

Stone, Brianna Sarah - Jewess ns37

this one jolts the Jewmeter above the “9” mark, and activates the Jewdar at maximum range: Brianna Sarah’s khazar facial features are well-marked, she’s got a respectable racial rack on a slim frame, dusky complexion, and – note the always sullen, aversive-pensive persona – is intimately in touch with her inner Chosen Person.

18. Cathy Sarah Green

Green, Cathy Sarah - Jewess, txt ns2

19. Elizabeth Sarah Pipko-Klionsky

20. Gayle Sarah Laskau

Laskau, Gayle Sarah - Jewess, txt ns2

21. Marlene Sarah Serkin

Serkin, Marlene Sarah - seductive Jewess

Serkin, Marlene Sarah - Jewess, txt ns2

22. Zella Sarah Melovitz

Melovitz, Zella Sarah - Jewess, ns1

23. Gal Sarah Gadot

Gadot, Gal Sarah 01

Gadot, Gal Sarah - Jewess, ns2

Gadot, Gal Sarah - Jewess, ns1

Gadot, Gal Sarah - Jewess ns5

Gadot, Gal Sarah - Jewess ns6 wolf-lips

Gadot, Gal Sarah - Jewess ns55

Gadot, Gal Sarah - Jewess txt t2

Gadot, Gal Sarah - Jewess ns1, still via 'Triple 9'

24. Ivana Sarah Kallinger

Kallinger, Ivana Sarah - Jewess ns1

repetez apres moi: wolf-lips + big tits = Jewess.

24b. Amy Sarah Wohlfeiler, alias “Lauren Redd”

25. Anya Sarah Zakova, alias “Merilyn Sakova, “Busty Merilyn” etc.

Zakova, Anya Sarah - Jewess w tab 01

Zakova, Anya Sarah - Jewess, Jew ID

Zakova, Anya Sarah -Jewess 13

Zakova, Anya Sarah - Jewess, T&A, 07

Zakova, Anya Sarah - Jewess, w tits pendant 02

Zakova, Anya Sarah - Jewess, txt ns2

26. Miriam Sarah Chayefsky, alias “Darcie Dolce”

Chayefsky, Miryam Sarah - Jewess ns5, alias 'Darcie Dolce'

Chayefsky, Miryam Sarah - Jewess ns1a

27. Michelle Sarah Bond, alias “Michelle Monaghan”

Bond, Michelle Sarah - Jewess ns22c

28. Sharyn Sarah Fingerhut, alias “Ali Casanova”

29. Ruby Sarah Markson

30. Katy Sarah Finkel

31. Helene Sarah Moscovitz, alias “Cara Loren” etc.

Moscovitz, Helene Sarah - Jewess 22w, alias 'Cara Loren etc.

32. Emily Sarah Ratajkowski

Ratajkowski, Emily Sarah - Jewess w tab

Ratajkowski, Emily Sarah - Jew ID

Ratajkowski, Emily Sarah - Jewess 08

Ratajkowski, Emily Sarah - 06

Ratajkowski, Emily Sarah - Jewess txt ns1

Ratajkowski, Emily Sarah - Jewess, re Easter

Ratajkowski, Emily Sarah - Jewess txt ns2a

33. Allie Sarah Zipperstein

Zipperstein, Allie Sarah - Jewess txt

34. Tillie Sarah Abrahmson

35. Kathleen Sarah Beller

Beller, Kathy Sarah - Jewess, ns1

Beller, Kathleen Sarah - txt

36. Bella Sarah Mezvinsky, alias “Abella Danger”

37. Melinda Sarah Pinsky, alias “Melinda Palmer”

38. Rosalie Sarah Strauss

39. Patricia Sarah Spaak

Spaak, Patricia Sarah - Jewess ns6a w tab

40. Devin Sarah Brugman

Brugman, Devin Sarah - Jewess ns4a, w tab

41. Carol Sarah Teitel, alias “Misty Donovan” etc.

42. Rae Sarah Sokolsky

Sokolsky, Rae Sarah - Jewess, ns12

Sokolsky, Rae Sarah - Jewess 02

Sokolsky, Rae Sarah - Jewess, txt ns2

43. Kim Sarah Farber

Farber, Kim Sarah - Jewess 01

Farber, Kim Sarah - Jewess 02

Farber, Kim Sarah - Jewess, w ID

Farber, Kim Sarah - Jewess 08

Farber, Kim Sarah - Jewess, ns4, w caption

Farber, Kim Sarah - Jewess, unairbrushed CF

Farber, Kim Sarah - Jewess, txt ns2

Farber Kim Sarah - Jewess, via Vargas cartoon, cc

44. Patty Sarah Kaplowitz

45. Katie Sarah Einberg, alias ‘Katee Owen”

46. Tonya Sarah Solarcz, alias “Busty Ali”

Solarcz, Tonya Sarah - Jewess 01a, reflecting on her Jewishness

47. Janine Sarah Habeck

48. Allochka Sarah Berger

Berger, Alla Sarah - Jewess ns62

Berger, Allochka Sarah - Jewess ns16

a Jewess still residing in Russia (fearing a just retribution, 3/4 of Russia’s 4 miilion Jews fled the country after the collapse of Judeo-communism), Alla Sarah exhibits the racial rack to some degree, and her Jewishness is also vectored by fairly well-marked khazarian facial features – esp. the “killer eyes” and flared/splayed lower lip – plus an always unsmiling, burdened, evasive-pensive persona, and a lotta subtle kosher codes scattered about her pix: People of the Book, forelocks, and etc. TY to longtime commentor NatShin for adding the correct Tribal name on this one.

Berger, Allochka Sarah - Jewess, cts

49. Nadezhda Sarah Danyushkina

50. Kim Sarah Amerson

51. Lily Sarah Ermak

52. Maya Sarah Avraham

Avraham, Maya Sarah - Jewess ns1

Avraham, Maya Sarah - Jewess w yellow star on her FB wall

Avraham, Maya Sarah - Jewess txtns4

Avraham, Maya Sarah - Jewess cts

53. Sally Sarah Sheffield

Sheffield, Sally Sarah - Jewess, page from PB layout

Sheffield, Sally Sarah 03

Sheffield, Sally Sarah - Jewess, txt ns2

54. Ida Sarah Vaszonyi

55. Barbra Sarah Streisand

56. Elianne Sarah Lacquer

57. Audra Sarah Levitan

Levitan, Audra Sarah - Jewess, txt ns2

58. Lanie Sarah Kazan

Kazan, Lanie Sarah - Jewess 01

Kazan, Lanie Sarah - Jewess, txt ns3

59. Veronica Sarah Zemenova

Zemanova, Veronica Sarah - Jewess ns1a

Zemanova, Veronica Sarah - Jewess, ID 02

60. Yelena Sarah Laub, alias “jelena Jensen”

61. Robin Sarah Levy

Levy, Robin Sarah - Jewess, 01

62. Augusta Sarah Strassman

no, it’s not just the big Jewtits so aggressively displayed and her khazar profile. It’s also the Haifa, Israel-in-Palestine breakwater in the background.

63. Orli Sarah Gurewitsch

64. Paula Sarah Paris, alias “Micki Moore”

65. Louise Sarah Rischman, alias “Julie Williams”

Rischman, Louise Sarah - Jewess, ns37, alias 'Julie Williams'

66. Yehudit Sarah Schaffner

kosher vectors: strong khazar profile, big Jewtits, People-of-the-book coding.

67. Aurora Sarah Riklis

Riklis, Aurora Sarah - Jewess ns1

Riklis, Aurora Sarah - Jewess ns1c

Riklis, Aurora Sarah - Jewess ms1b

Riklis, Aurora Sarah - Jewess, txt ns11

68. Rhonda Sarah Seligman

69. Jacquie Sarah Simmons-Jude

Simmons-Jude, Jacqui Sarah - Jewess 05

Simmons-Jude, Jacqui Sarah - Jewess 04

Simmons-Jude, Jacquiline Sarah - Jewess ns4


Simmons-Jude, Jacquiline Sarah ns3

Simmons-Jude, Jacqui Sarah - Jewess, txt for ul

70. Audrey Sarah Ziffren

kosher vectors: facial features (ashkenaz, with some softening), big, prominent nipples, elegant left hand position, pensive-aversive Chosen Person attitude, and ….that luxuriant bush.

71. Aliyah Sarah Willis, alias “Alia Janine”

Willis, Aliyah Sarah - Jewess, ns3, alias 'Alia Janine'

72. Sophie Sarah Makovsky, alias “April O’Neil”

Makovsky, Sophie Sarah - Jewess ns100e, alias 'April Oneil'

Makovsky, Sophie Sarah - Jew ID2, alias 'April ONeil'

Makovsky, Sophie Sarah - Jewess, Jew ID 02, alias 'April O'Neil'

Makovsky, Sophie Sarah - Jewess ns99b, alias 'April ONeil'

Makovsky, Sophiae Sarah - Jewess ns1a, alias 'April 'O'Neil'

Makovsky, Sophie Sarah - Jewess ns1g, alias 'April O'Neil'

Makovsky, Sophie Sarah - Jewess ns440, alias 'April ONeil'

Makovsky, Sophie Sarah - Jewess, ns99a, alias 'April ONeil'

Makovsky, Sophie Sarah - Jewess, ns1

Makovsky, Sophie Sarah - Jewess ns25, antiChrist, alias 'April ONeil'

for some equally pungent kosher Christ-hate, see also Ratajkowski, Emily Sarah and Sarah Sarah Silverman.

73. Jill Sarah Siegelbaum

74a. Gayle Sarah Kalmayer

Kalmayer, Gayle Sarah - Jewess, w ID

Kalmayer, Gayle Sarah - Jewess, her Jewish wedding

Kalmayer, Gayle Sarah - Jewess, txt ns5

74b. Samantha Sarah Braude, alias “Sammy Braddy”

Braude, Samantha Sarah - Jewess, ns105, alias 'Sammy Braddy'

Braude, Samantha Sarah - Jewess, alias 'Sammy Braddy' - ID

Braude, Samantha Sarah - Jewess ns6, alias ''Sammt Braddy'

Braude, Samantha Sarah - Jewess ns148, alias 'Sammy Braddy'

Braude, Samantha Sarah - Jewess, ns103, alias 'Sammy Braddy'

Braude, Samantha Sarah - Jewess, ns1 - alias 'Sammy Braddy'

Braude, Samantha Sarah - Jewess, ns2

Braude, Samantha Sarah - Jewess txt

Braude, Samantha Sarah- Jewess, alias 'Sammy Braddy'

75. Hannah Sarah Zellerbach

76. Rachel Sarah Rubenfeld

77a. Ellen Sarah Steinberg, alias “Annie Sprinkle”

77b. Yvette Sarah Gompertz

Gompertz, Yvette Sarah - Jewess, ns1

Gompertz, Yvette Sarah - Jewess, txt ns2

78a. Shaula Sarah Rothkirchen

78b. Lana Sarah Ivanescu, alias “Lana Ivans”

79. Rebecca Sarah Holtz

Holtz, Rebecca Sarah - Jewess, ns14

lotta this buxom, big-assed Jewess scattered around the ‘net….plus she got her own site. Also a member of the Jew-Black sexual alliance, whereby Jews and ‘groids console one another for the terrible oppressions they suffer at the hands of the Huwyatt Man. In short….it’s a mudshark:

80. Carrie Sarah Kurlander

81a. Ada Sarah Leverson

Leverson, Ada Sarah - Jewess ns1

Ada Sarah didn’t get a page @ prior iterations of TSJ, but she shoulda. Her kosher vectors include the usual big tits and only slightly softened khazar facial features. Location appears to be Red Sea coast near the Zionist port of Eilat, formerly Arab Akkeba.

81b. Dee Sarah Kahn

Kahn, Dee Sarah - Jewish ID

Kahn, Dee Sarah - Jewess, txt ns2

82. Virginia Sarah Nussbaum

Nussbaum, Virgina Sarah - Jewess, ns5

Nussbaum, Virginia Sarah - Jewess, txt ns2

83a. Sylvia Sarah Bachman, alias “Sigrid Kohler”

Bachman, Sylvia Sarah - Jewess, ns10

Bachman, Sylvia Sarah - Jewess, ns7

Bachman, Sylvia Sarah - Jewess, ns2

Bachman, Sylvia Sarah ns1

83b. Mucia Sarah Sachs

Sachs, Mucia Sarah - Jewess ns1

Mucia Sarah (1926-1942), a noticeably big-breasted Latvian Jewess and inmate of the Libau ghetto – seen here in a school photo with silk blouse taut against a full brassiere – is referenced in Joseph Katz, One Who Came Back (NY, `1973, p. 86 ff.). As witnessed by Katz, she was shot sometime in December of 1942. Who, up early for work on a freezing cold, bright winter morning, saw

Sachs, Mucia Sarah - Jewess, q re from Katz

big tits aside, this unfortunate Jewess is also strongly vectored by her somewhat rounded, but still recognizably khazarian facial features.

84. Devon Sarah Daniels

Daniels, Devon Sarah - a Jewess...and her bra

Daniels, Devon Sarah - Jewess ns100c

Daniels, Devon Sarah - Jewish ID at PeachyForum

Daniels, Devon Sarah - Jewish ID

Daniels, Devon Sarah - Jewess 17

Daniels, Devon Sarah - Jewess ns100h

Daniels, Devon Sarah - Jewess 10

Daniels, Devon Sarah - Jewess, txt ns4

85. Nigella Sarah Lawson

Lawson, Nigella Sarah - Jewess, Jew ID

86. Jody Sarah Marcus

Marcus, Jody Sarah - Jewess, txt ns2

87. Clyda Sarah Rosen

Rosen, Clyda Sarah - Jewess, adjusting garter

Rosen, Clyda Sarah - Jew ID

Rosen, Clyda Sarah - Jewess nss2

Rosen, Clyda Sarah - ns4

Rosen, Clyda Sarah - Jewess ns1

Rosen, Clyda Sarah - Jewess nss4

Rosen, Clyda Sarah - Jewess, ns1 w ID

Rosen, Clyda Sarah - Jewess nss7, better focus

Rosen, Clyda Sarah - Jewess, rv

Rosen, Clyda Sarah - Jewess, ns71

Rosen, Clyda Sarah - Jewess, ns82

Rosen, Clyda Sarah - sly, sensual, and aversive

Rosen, Clyda Sarah 04

Rosen, Clyda Sarah - Jewess, txt ns2

88. Renee Sarah Neumanova

Neumanova, Renee Sarah - Jewess, ns13

Neumanova, Renee Sarah - Jewess, txt ns2

89. Donna Sarah Brownstein, alias “Busty Brown”

Brownstein, Donna Sarah - Jewess, ns126, alias 'Busty Brown' w actual name, locale

Brownstein, Donna Sarah - Jewess ns2

Brownstein, Donna Sarah - Jewess, ns4, alias 'Busty Brown'Brownstein, Donna Sarah - Jewess, addit 27, alias 'Busty Brown'

Brownstein, Donna Sarah - Jewess, ns123, alias 'Busty Brown'

Brownstein, Donna Sarah - Jewess ns17c

Brownstein, Donna Sarah - Jewess, ns 134, alias 'Busty Brown'

Brownstein, Donna Sarah - Jewess, txt ns3, alias 'Busty Brown'

Brownstein, Donna Sarah - Jewess, alias 'Busty Brown' stillshot from vid

90. Hazel Sarah Belkin

91. Deborah Sarah Huberman, alias “Debbie Hooper”

Huberman, Deborah Sarah - Jewess, 03 - alias 'Debbie Hooper'

Huberman, Deborah Sarah - Jewess, ns 11, alias 'Debbie Hooper'

Huberman, Deborah Sarah - Jewess, 09, alias 'Debbie Hooper'

Huberman, Deborah Sarah - Jewess, txt ns2

92. Laura Sarah Misch

Misch, Laura Sarah - Jewess, w name

Misch, Laura Sarah - Jewess ns6a

Misch, Laura Sarah - Jewess bw2

Misch, Laura Sarah - Jewess, ns1

93. Alesha Sarah Oreskovich

94. Stacey Sarah Poole

95. Lauren Sarah Cohen

96. Alexia Sarah Schore

Schore, Alexia Sarah - Jewess, ID

Schore, Alexia Sarah - Jewess ns5

97a. Jamie Sarah Gertz

Gertz, Jamie sarah - forelocks

97b. Sariyah Sarah Idan

Idan, Sariyah Sarah - Jewess 06

98. Rosalie Sarah Albertson, alias “Faith Rankin”

99. Biancha Sarah Zimmetbaum

100. Abby Sarah Michelle, alias “Violetta Storms”

101. Klara Sarah Sholomovno

Sholomovna, Klara Sarah - Jewess 16

Sholomovna, Klara Sarah - Jewess 03

102. Jane Sarah Eitingon, alias “Sensual Jane”

Eitingon, Jane Sarah - Jewess ns2a, alias 'Sensual Jane'

Eitingon, Jane Sarah - comment re NG codeEitingon, Jane Sarah - Jewess, ns3, alias 'Sensual Jane'

Eitingon, Jane Sarah - Jewess ns22c

103. Abby Sarah Martin

Martin, Abby Sarah - legs

104a. Michal Sarah Amir

Amir, Michal Sarah - Jewess ns2, data

Amir, Michal Sarah - Jewess ns10

Amir, Michal Sarah - Jewess ns11

Amir, Michal Sarah - Jewess ns13

Amir, Michal Sarah - Jewess w comment

Amir, Michal Sarah - Jewess txt + cts

104b. Lynn Sarah Mermelstein

Mermelstein, Lynn Sarah - Jewess ns22

Mermelstein, Lynn Sarah - Jewess, txt ns2

Mermelstein, Lynn Sarah - Jewess cts 01

Mermelstein, Lynn Sarah - Jewess cts 02a

Mermelstein, Lynn Sarah - Jewess cts 03

105. Melissa Sarah Kushner

Kushner, Melissa Sarah - Jewess, ns4, w name ID

Kushner, Melissa Sarah - Jewess 05

106a. Alexandra Sarah Klemperer

Klemperer, Alexandra Sarah - Jewess, txt ns2


106b. Bracha Sarah Eisler

107. Karla Sarah Klein

NB: tense, spidery left hand position….a subtle but strong (((vector))).

108. Lynette Sarah Larkin

109. Brigette Sarah Mazlish

110. Olga Sarah Alberti

111. Marlene Sarah Levyne

112. Shione Sarah Kupferberg, alias “Shione Cooper”

113. Sophie Sarah Kestenbaum

114. Erika Sarah Florsheim

115. Lana Sarah Zakharenko-Gurdin, alias “Lana Wood”

116a. Beatrice Sarah Orenstein

116b. Flora Sarah Heifetz

116c. Louise Sarah Geltwasser

116d. Paula Sarah Slomin

“….a 17-year-old Jewess turned herself in and requested to be shot. Her parents had already been shot, and she referred to an alleged Fuehrer order according to which all Jews have to be done away with by the end of the year. Since the Jewess was a fugitive, we turned her over to competent offices for further treatment.”*

– report from a German-Polish harvest gathering unit in the Lublin district of eastern Poland, September 1942; YIVO Inst., file Occ E 2-2

* no such Hitler order has ever been found. Closest would be a directive from the Reichsfuehrer-SS, Heinrich Himmler, which only required that all Polish Jews, and all other European Jews deported to Poland, be confined to ghettos and labor camps by the year’s end.

116e. Mikki Sarah Plaut

117. Teresa Sarah Jackman

a prolific early to mid-1970’s porn-Jewess, Theresa Sarah features khazar facial angles that are somewhat rounded and softened, very big tits, and a luxuriant growth of sexual hair. Her expressive behavior mostly ranges between merely coy, to the usual sly and aversive. The experten @ Vintage Erotica Forums consider our Melamid, Karen Sarah, to be a younger version of this same kosher nude, but I remain unconvinced. So for the time being it’s a twofer.

118. Gilda Sarah Rappoport, alias “Rona Scott”

119. Karna Sarah Berenstein

120. Wendy Sarah Rabin

121. Allison Sarah Mossberg

122. Marjorie Sarah Mendes

123. Maura Sarah Leinster

124. Holly Sarah Vinocur

125. Alinka Satanovsky

126. Jennie Sarah Stransky

127. Zinette Sarah Wolk

128. Hedwig Sarah Kiesler, alias “Hedy Lamarr”

Kiesler, Hedy Sarah - Jewess, 07, alias 'Hedy Lamarr'

129. Dayle Sarah Haddon

130. Gillian Sarah Pearl

131. Andi Sarah Dorfman

132. Anna Sarah Kantrowitz, alias “Anna Song”

133. Barbara Sarah Klein, alias “Barbi Benton”

Klein, Barbara Sarah - Jewess ns29, alias 'Barbi Benton'

134. Joan Sarah Zinn, alias “Ivana Nolte”

135. Lillian Sarah Parker, alias “Adrienne Stoute”

136. Lorna Sarah Morganthau, alias “Lorna Morgan”

137. Geula Sarah Schaefer

138. Ivy Sarah Frank

139. Lillian Sarah Feigal, alias “Lillian Faye”

140. Wanda Sarah Yablonsky

141. Chloe Sarah Liebersohn

142. Vicky Sarah Annenberg

143. Belinda Sarah Balint

144. Joan Sarah Brinkman

145. Elena Sarah Schoenthal

146. Emma Sarah Stone

147. Adeenah Sarah Sussman

148. Svetlana Sarah Paschenko, alias “Felicity Fey”

149. Angela Sarah Velkovsky

Velkovsky, Angelika Sarah - Jewess, ns56

Velkovsky, Angela Sarah - Jewess, actual data

Velkovsky, Angelika Sarah - Jewess, ns70

Velkovsky, Angela Sarah - Jewess ns11

Velkovsky, Angela Sarah - Jewess ns12

Velkovsky, Angie Sarah - Jewess ns45

Velkovsky, Angelika Sarah - Jewess txt ns4

Velkovsky, Angie Sarah - Jewess 15

Velkovsky, Angelika Sarah - Jewess, txt ns3

150. Beth Sarah Barris

151. Eli Sarah Portnoy, alias “Lana Kendrick”

Portnoy, Eli Sarah - Jewess ns78, alias 'Lana Kendrick'


Portnoy, Elie Sarah - Jewess, forelocks

152. Lina Sarah Yarkovsky, alias “Lina Neznakomka”

Yarkovsky, Lina Sarah - Jewess ns2a, alias 'Lina Neznakomka'

Yarkovsky, Lina Sarah - Jewess ns7c, alias 'Lina Neznakomka'

153. Judy Sarah Deutschkron

Deutschkron, Judy Sarah - Jewesss ns11


Deutschkron, Judy Sarah - Jewess ns17


154. Winona Sarah Horowitz, alias “Winona Ryder”

Horowitz, Wynona Sarah - Jewess, ns12, alias 'Wynona Ryder'

Horowitz, Wynona Sarah - Jewess 10, alias 'Winona Ryder'

Horowitz, Winona Sarah - Jew ID 2, alias 'Winona Ryder'

Horowitz, Winona Sarah - Jewess 02

Horowitz, Winona Sarah - Jewess 03, alias 'Winona Ryder'

Horowitz, Winona Sarah - Jewess, txt ns2, alias 'Winona Ryder'

*Winona Sarah has recently returned to the (((Hollywood))) fray, and made bones by cancelling Mel Gibson (for about the 11th time) because (she sez) “he called me an oven-dodger”. WTF is with these Jews? Can’t they take a joke? Their lack of a sense of humor is just terrifying.

155. Sally Sarah Zygelboim

Zygelboim, Sally Sarah - Jewess, ns1

156. Vanessa Sarah Inber

Inber, Vanessa Sarah - Jewess, ns`1

157. Louisa Sarah May

May, Louisa Sarah - Jewess, ns3

May, Louisa Sarah - Jewess, ns4

158. Francine Sarah Gertzog

Gertzog, Francine Sarah - Jewess, ns1

Gertzog, Francine Sarah - Jewess, txt ns2

159. Grace Sarah Hamlisch

160. Nanette Sarah Schwartzberg

Schwartzberg, Nanette Sarah - Jewish ID

Schwartzberg, Nanette Sarah - Jewess, txt ns2

161. Cleo Sarah Cohen

162. Sophie Sarah Fenichel

163. Judith Sarah Hirschorn, alias “Judy Sophia”

164. Marina Sarah Baker

165. Leila Sarah Kleinfeuer, alias “Leila Lowfire”

166. Jocelyn Sarah Gradow

Gradow, Jocelyn Sarah - Jewess, ns1

Gradow, Jocelyn Sarah - Jewess, txt ns2

167. Katrina Sarah Naidorf

168. Nel Sarah Esterman

169. Francine Sarah Tobin

170. Lina Sarah Toeplitz

171. Madeleine Sarah Stowe

Stowe, Madeleine Sarah - Jewess ns18

172. Jennifer Sarah Connolly

173. Laura Sarah Sands, a.k.a. Becky Clay etc.

174. Katya Sarah Sidorenko, alias “Sha Rizel”

Sidorenko, Katya Sarah - Jewess, data 2, alias 'Sha Rizel'

175. Holly Sarah Peers

176. Delia Sarah Wechsler

177. Virginia Sarah Gorden

178. Beata Sarah Dabrowska, alias “Ewa Sonnet”

179. Marianne Sarah Binion

180. Sofia Sarah Vaijnberg

181. Leah Sarah Belzberg

Belzberg, Leah Sarah - Jewess, urban dictionary re her oversize Jewtits

182. Jolene Sarah Rickel

183. Natalie Sarah Sperling

184. Debra Sarah Winger

185. Alison Sarah Schermerhorn, alias “Alison Brie”

186. Carmine Sarah Beinert

187. Linda Sarah Freid

188. Sheila Sarah Jessel

189. Barbara Sarah Joyce

190. Yulia Sarah Nova

191. Helena Sarah Bonham-Carter